Complete Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installations and Services Covering the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Logan

We are a leading EV charger company in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. Our team can install electrical vehicle charging stations indoors or outdoors and in residential or commercial settings. If you’re looking for a low cost, clean and reliable energy source for your vehicles, we have a range of smart EV chargers to suit your requirements.


Electrical Contractor Specialising in EV Charger Installations

With being the electrical contractor and not a sub-contractor you can rely on EGen Electrical to be with you all the way through your project for continuity and support when needed.

Our customer service extends beyond project completion with aftersales support, billing and a maintenance service that you can rely on.

Electric Vehicle Charging

EGen Electrical are leading specialists in apartment EV charging installations and maintenance services of  EV chargers in Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounds. We provide tailored charging solutions with load management and individual billing options to suit your individual requirements.

Electric vehicle sales have increased, making EV's more of an everyday sight on our roads and growing the demand for EV charging locations. There is one suitable for your requirements with a vast range of EV chargers and their capabilities available. We can offer you a complete solution for all your charging requirements as we specialise in all EV charging scenarios.


We offer a pre-installation evaluation service of your property to assess your existing electrical installation and capabilities. We will advise you on selecting the correct EV charger and kilowatt rating that will suit your needs. A free quote is offered if any upgrades to your switchboard are required and an installation price to install your new EV charger.

Apartments | Public | Hotels | Fleet | Workplace Private

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Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations Installations in Brisbane, Logan, Sunshine Coast and the Surrounds

EGen provides electric car chargers to homes and businesses across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. EV chargers are forward thinking and can greatly boost the image of your property or business, help the environment and are kind to the wallet. Contact us anytime for a no-obligation, pre-evaluation of your property.

Residential EV Chargers

We can install an EV charger in your home today. This is an extremely convenient way to keep your electric vehicle topped up and keeps costs low. We offer a pre-installation evaluation service of your property and will advise depending on your individual needs and requirements.

Commercial EV Chargers

Hotels, apartments, offices, property managers and developers can all benefit from electric vehicle charging stations. Whether you have an existing building or are planning a new development, EGen can offer you a complete EV charging solution that aligns with your needs.

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Connect your EV charger with your smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi, providing control of when you start and stop charging. Gain access to the chargers settings for greater control and firmware updates of your EV charger. 

We only supply EV chargers & electrical components from trusted world leading brands you can trust. You can feel secure knowing that you will have reliability and confidence in your electrical installation and a fully charged electric vehicle when you need it.