Electric Vehicle Charger Installations

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Ev Charger Solutions

EV Charging Solutions


We offer a pre-installation evaluation service of your property and will provide a charging solution for your individual needs and requirements.

Residential Ev Chargers

Residential EV Chargers


Solar diversion EV chargers with built-in load control are the preferred residential chargers we have to offer with a mobile app interface.

Commercial Ev Chargers 4

Commercial EV Chargers


Hotels, apartments, offices, property managers and developers can all benefit from electric vehicle charging stations.

Complete Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installations & Services Covering the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Logan

As a prominent EV charger company, we proudly serve Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast. Our adept team specialises in installing electric vehicle charging stations, whether it be indoors or outdoors, catering to both residential and commercial environments. If you’re seeking an affordable, eco-friendly, and dependable energy solution for your vehicles, our diverse selection of intelligent EV chargers is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Electrical Contractor Specialising in EV Charger Installations

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Installations in Brisbane, Logan, Sunshine Coast and the Surrounds

EGen provides electric car chargers to homes and businesses across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. EV chargers are forward thinking and can greatly boost the image of your property or business, help the environment and are kind to the wallet. Contact us anytime for a no-obligation, pre-evaluation of your property.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Services

EGen Electrical are leading specialists in EV charging installations and maintenance services of EV chargers in Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounds. We provide tailored charging solutions with load management and individual billing options to suit your individual requirements.​

Home EV Charging

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The majority of electric car charging is expected to be carried out at home due to the convenience,

EV Fleet Charging

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We provide tailored fleet management solutions, with software that you can either self-manage or have expertly handled on your behalf.

Apartment & Hotel

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EV charging stations are a practical and cost effective solution for apartment owners and tenants.

Public EV Charging Stations

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We specialise in delivering high-quality AC and DC fast charger installations designed for an ergonomic user experience.

Strata and Body Corporate

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The EGen Electrical team will take care to provide the best, cost-effective solution to future-proof your building.

Workplace & Commercial

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Installing workplace EV charger systems helps to look after the needs of your employees and customers.

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AC Chargers

Installing an AC charger in your home or workplace allows you to have a fully charged battery every time you go out. You also pay significantly less for your electricity than the public charging prices. With a solar-compatible EV charger, you can charge your vehicle for free and environment-friendly. AC chargers come in different capacities, from 7kW single phase to 22kW three-phase.

DC Chargers – Commercial

​Fast chargers are designed and intended for use when quick recharging is necessary. They find their optimal utility in various scenarios such as retail locations, fleet management hubs, and highway rest stops where the priority is to keep vehicles on the move. Ranging from 23kW to 350kW, these chargers can be chosen based on specific recharging needs, offering tailored solutions for different situations.

Our Partners

We only supply EV chargers & electrical components from trusted world leading brands you can trust. You can feel secure knowing that you will have reliability and confidence in your electrical installation and a fully charged electric vehicle when you need it.

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