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Paul Fallon
Paul Fallon
Friendly, professional, knowledgeable. I arranged for an EV Evnex charger to be fitted at home. They were on time. Fast and clean installation. Great product too. Can’t fault them
Gunnar Ruhs
Gunnar Ruhs
Most excellent service! EGen Electrical have just completed the install of two EV chargers in Brisbane for us. The service and workmanship was outstanding, the quality of the equipment installed is top notch! Greg and team are very professional, extremely polite and accommodating. On-site inspection, solution design, competitive pricing/quoting with no surprises. Highly recommend!
Grant B
Grant B
A great experience with Greg, very responsive and helpful with the installation of a Hypervolt 2.0 Home EV Charger.
David O
David O
I used EGen Electrical back in January to have a Hypervolt EV Charger installed. Absolute professionals and would recommend them to anyone looking to have a EV Charger professionally installed. Also Hypervolt Support is A1. Was having trouble with the app initially and was all sorted in a few hours. Glad I chose EGen and Hypervolt.
Roy Heys
Roy Heys
Greg is the consummate professional. From the rapid response, turning up when he said for the quote. Then on day of install top quality workmanship. No hidden extras on the quote Why go anywhere else?
Danis Georgopoulos
Danis Georgopoulos
I have used Greg's services twice over the last 12 months. Excellent service both times. He turns up when he says he will, and always leaves the work area spotless when he is finished. Gave me some great advice and suggestions as well which was appreciated.
Greg You are legend! Thank you for instant fix
Audrey Sutcliffe
Audrey Sutcliffe
The electrician Greg went out of his way to find a more suitable item for us so we had no alterations to make thankfully, prompt,friendly very efficient and no mess to clear up, he left our place clean and tidy!! I would recommend this business to anyone looking for an experienced electrician!
Belinda B
Belinda B
Couldn't be happier. Greg from Egen Electrical has carried out a fantastic job on our kitchen reno. Really happy with our new lights and slim power points. Highly recommended for price and quality.
Rob Barling
Rob Barling
Greg has done body corporate work on few places we have units in. He is punctual, respectful to the occupants and and professional in his dealings.


Apartment EV Charging Solutions & Systems Installer

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EV Charging Solutions for Developers, Builders, Body Corporate, Residents & Property Managers

Providing the Best EV Infrastructure and Management Solutions

We offer apartment EV charging and hotel EV charging across the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, and Brisbane. Whether you want EV charging solutions for an existing strata building or a project you plan to build, we are here to help.

Our team designs and engineers the EV charging infrastructure to accommodate one or multiple vehicles. There is no need for an expensive electrical upgrade in your apartment building, as multiple chargers can be monitored and controlled with our advanced smart load management and billing software.

Our range of products is not limited to one particular brand or service, so you can be assured that we will always provide you with the best EV charging solution for your requirements. Backed with our aftersales support and scheduled maintenance, you will have reliable EV charger uptime.

Complete Installation & Management Package

No Ongoing Fees or Subscriptions to the Building Management or Body Corporate

Benefits of Apartment EV Charging

Installing an EV charging infrastructure is a practical and cost effective solution for apartment owners and tenants to charge electric vehicles conveniently. We can install EV chargers in various types of shared or personal parking areas, such as visitor bays or personal car spaces within the building.

Benefits of Installing an EV Charging Infrastructure

The many benefits include:

Increase property value

By offering EV charging within your property this will attract buyers and increase the property’s value and rental return.

Attract new residents and retain current tenants

As more people are transitioning and purchasing electric vehicles, the demand for apartment buildings with EV charging facilities is increasing, making your property more sought after by environmentally conscious buyers

Provide a better living experience

The building's residents will have better services available, increasing their standard of living.

Cheaper electricity than public charging networks

The electricity price at your property can be between $0.20 and $0.32 per kWh vs charging at a public EV charger, where the price can be between $0.60 and $0.90 per kWh and will most likely increase with demand.

Collect additional revenue from visitors charging

Installing an EV charger in a visitor's car space, you can collect additional revenue for the Body Corporate.

Future proof your investment for decades to come

Installing EV chargers will provide a solution now and greatly reduce the risk of having to change the temporary solutions later. This will save you money in the long term as inflation continues to increase.

Provent theft of electricity

Apartment buildings without charging facilities are finding EV owners plugging portable chargers into the common power supply. This can cause several issues.

  1. The Body Corporate are paying for the electricity being consumed.
  2. Overloading the common power supply and tripping circuits that are designed for necessary services.
  3. Trip and electrical hazards from extension leads being run through common areas.

Improve the building's image and environmental credit

Shows other buildings and neighbours you are a forward thinking building that embraces the positive changes Towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Air On Broardbeach

EV Charging Solutions That Work for You

We can install common use apartment EV chargers that suit your exact requirements and budget. You can opt for shared EV charging in communal or visitor parking bays. This is a great choice when you only have a small demand from a few tenants that require an EV charging solution, but you also want the possibility to accommodate for more chargers when the need arises.

We can also provide private EV charging solutions integrated into the building’s shared electrical network. This is a future proof solution that provides the capability for every tenant to install an EV charger in their own private car space. This system is referred to as an EV Charging Infrastructure and is supported by smart Adaptive Load Management and billing software, making it possible for a tenant to charge their EV and pay the body corporate for the electricity used. The Adaptive Load Management (ALM) system ensures all vehicles receive a charge while prioritising a reliable electricity supply to the building.

Apartment Specific Applications

Process steps to start charging


Schedule a site visit by contacting us


We assess your available electricity supply


Provide the Body Corporate with a quote


Installation of the EV charging infrastructure

Apartment EV Charger Assessment and Planning

We provide a comprehensive EV charging assessment for your apartment or hotel complex. This allows us to construct a preliminary plan that’ll suit your residents and mitigate the risk of overloading existing electrical services already in place. We start by assessing your current electrical supply, to identify if the building has the electrical capacity available for EV charging. If we find that capacity is available, we will advise on what we can provide you and what charging capabilities you have available. If inadequate electricity is found, we can provide guidance in the process of a supply upgrade.

We are the actual technicians that install EV chargers, so we can offer practical information and provide the optimal solutions for you and your residents to get the most out of EV charging. We’ll install the best EV charger infrastructure according to your needs and budget, as we are not brand restricted. And your EV installation will be future-proofed to allow for expansion as the demand for electric vehicle charging increases.

Apartment EV Chargers

With our range of quality electric vehicle chargers, we can supply and install the right charger for your needs. Our AC chargers can deliver you single phase or 3 phase charging capabilities with adjustable kW output rating ensuring not to overload your electrical power supply and provide charging for more vehicles from using Adaptive Load Management. 

For apartment EV charging infrastructure only.

Electrical Load Study

EGen Electrical offers an energy logging service focused on providing critical data and feedback on your building’s existing electrical installation and if it is capable of supporting electric vehicle charging. With every EV charger installed that is not on load management or the building’s electrical capacity is unknown, your building’s main switches are closer to hitting capacity and tripping, thus losing power to part or the entire building.

Load Management

EV charger load management is the solution to being able to charge multiple EVs with a limited electrical supply. This innovative concept revolves around the intelligent control and distribution of electrical power to multiple EV chargers within a network. By optimising the allocation of available power resources, load management ensures that charging stations can operate seamlessly, avoiding overloads and grid strain.

Case Study: Quay West Apartments

Location: Brisbane City, Queensland

Full EV charger infrastructure installation with Adaptive Load Management

and usage reporting of the electricity used by each charger. The infrastructure

provides all tenants with the option to install an EV charger in their own private

car space without the need for any further upgrades to the building.

Complete the form below to schedule your site inspection.

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There are three correct ways to charge an EV in an apartment building. You will need to first engage with your body corporate to discuss the options and the budget limitations. 1. Install a common-use EV charger for multiple residents and visitors to use. 2. Install an EV charger in your dedicated parking bay. 3. Invest in an EV infrastructure that will provide the ability for all residents in the building to install their own personal EV chargers. Each option has its benefits and downfalls, the biggest being budget allocation

Yes, the risk of an EV fire is significantly less than a petrol vehicle fire. Data from the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics and the National Transportation Safety Board. The findings revealed that hybrid vehicles had the highest incidence of fires, with 3,474.5 fires per 100,000 sales. Petrol vehicles followed with 1,529.9 fires per 100,000 sales, while electric vehicles exhibited a significantly lower figure of just 25.1 fires per 100,000 sales.

In a domestic situation, when most people drive 200km or less a day, a 7kW EV charger will be suitable. In apartment buildings, you can install 3-phase 22kW EV chargers if required, but in most cases, 7kW chargers are adequate and are more cost-effective.

If you drive high kilometres daily, e.g. used for courier services or rideshare, then an 11 or 22-kW EV charger would be helpful to recharge your EV quickly. The EV you drive, or own must be able to charge at these rates to take advantage of the higher charging rate. For most domestic EV owners, a 7kW charger is suitable and all you need for daily commuting and running around.

In apartment buildings, different options are available for billing for the electricity usage used by EV owners. You can install electrical meters to each EV charger, read them manually or remotely, and then invoice the user. Alternatively, you can have an EV charger backend management company look after your monitoring and billing. This is the easiest solution, as they will bill the user and deposit the collected funds to a nominated bank account along with a usage report. The backend management company also looks after the load management of the EV charger infrastructure and updates firmware to the chargers along with other services on offer.

An RFID card controls EV chargers in an apartment building to start the charging session. This prevents non-authorised use of the EV chargers.

Other EV owners cannot use your EV charger without your authorisation. You can allow other people to use your charger if you wish to. You will need to provide them with an authorised RFID card beforehand.

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