Do I Really Need a Home Charging Station?

Making the decision to purchase an electric car can be intimidating. Suddenly cutting gas stations out of your life can feel more than a little bit odd. Fortunately, you will be exchanging your gas station trips for a fuel efficient top-up at home. Installing a home charging station is THE way to get the most out of your electric vehicle.

At EGen Electrical in Gold Coast Queensland, Australia, you will be able to order the installation of your own home charging station. Their team of technicians is licensed to install home charging stations, replace old car charging ports, and even to maintain your EVSE. Once your home charging station is installed, you’ll be able to plug in your vehicle at will in order to refuel your battery.

Whether you have the newest Tesla or an older EV car, make sure that you are properly outfitted for your new vehicular lifestyle.

What Are Electric Car Stations Used For?

Electric car stations can be found both at home and abroad. You’ll find that many electric vehicle owners have installed their own personal electric car stations. Business owners are also getting into the habit of installing charging stations for their customers to enjoy. Electric car stations are built around a plug, an EVSE adapter, and the power current that goes between the two. Depending on the type of level the electric car stations available are, your charging time can vary rather dramatically. If your goal is to provide quick and convenient charging times, you’ll likely want to consider purchasing a Level 2 or Level 3 charging station. For the average driver, it will cost roughly $500 or $600 per year in utility bills in order to keep their vehicle charged at all times. Consider coupling your electric car stations with solar powered energy panels in order to move toward eco-friendly and sustainable energy.