Electric Car Charging Points: Annual Price for Regular Usage.

How much do you spend every year on your gas kilometer? Now, how much would you LIKE to spend? While there is obviously no way to get your dream goal of ‘zero dollars’, you can get pretty close when you patronize electric car charging points in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. In fact, you can even have your own electric car charging points installed at home. Let’s dig into the numbers in order to see why this is so important.

Let’s say that you drive 2,400 kilometers per year. This relatively reasonable distance could cost you countless dollars in gas station visits in order to get more fuel. If you install your own electric car charging point at home, you would be able to immediately cut down on this expense. Car charging points charge users based on their kWh/per KM. At 2,400 kilometers with a basic electric consumption price point, you’ll be spending only 778.68 AUSD per year on your batter. What’s not to love about that?

What Do Electric Charging Points Cost?

Electric vehicles are currently all the rage. As a result, homeowners across the nation are starting to look at outfitting their own electric charging points at home. With an electric charging point installed in your very own home, you’ll be able to refuel your vehicle at your own discretion. While this sounds incredibly convenient, many people have begun to wonder how affordable the process really is.

Fortunately, the affordability of a home electric charging point isn’t a problem for most electric vehicle owners. What you really need to understand is that there is a multitude of different options that you can choose between while you shop. You can select Level 1 chargers, though they are slower and less practical. You can also select Level 2 or even Level 3 chargers in order to speed up the entire process.

At the end of the day, the final cost for your home charging station will be based on what level you choose and which company you have the work performed by. For a timely and affordable installation, contact EGen Electrical in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.