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EV Charging Solutions

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Complete Installation & Management Package 

Reliable and simplicity of use is the way everyone wants their transition from petrol to electric vehicles to be. We understand that not everyone wants to know how it works and the specifications, just that it is going to work reliably for them every time and they are only purchasing what they require. 

EGen Electrical offer you EV chargers from world leading manufacturers in Australia and across the world so you know it's trusted & reliable.  We recommend that you contact us before purchasing a charger as there are so many variables to consider and you may order an EV charger that will not service your needs or pay extra for features you don't require.  

We offer a pre-installation evaluation service of your property to assess your existing electrical installation and capabilities. We will advise you on selecting the correct EV charger and kilowatt rating that will suit your needs. A free quote is offered if any upgrades to your switchboard are required and an installation price to install your new EV charger.

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Delta DC EV Charger
ABB Terra AC Charger
Schneider EV Parking

What We Deliver 

  •  Complete packaged solutions 

  • Design and installation of the EV Charger infrastructure to suit your requirements.

  • Undertake any switchboard modifications to accommodate EV charging and load Demand.

  • Future proof the installation for expansion as demand for EV charging increases.

  • Credit Card Contactless Payment for Public Chargers

  • Monitoring & billing of individual EV chargers at the kWh rate set by the client.

  • Dynamic load management utilises your building's available power supply to its fullest potential while maintaining a consistent power supply to each EV Charger.

  • Professional Installations by licensed tradespeople

  • Conduct all installations, Not sub-contractors

  • Reliable after-sales support & maintenance.

  • Workmanship guarantee

  • Backed by manufacturers support

  • Step by step walkthrough of using your charging installation  

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EV Fleet Charging
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