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Paul Fallon
Paul Fallon
Friendly, professional, knowledgeable. I arranged for an EV Evnex charger to be fitted at home. They were on time. Fast and clean installation. Great product too. Can’t fault them
Gunnar Ruhs
Gunnar Ruhs
Most excellent service! EGen Electrical have just completed the install of two EV chargers in Brisbane for us. The service and workmanship was outstanding, the quality of the equipment installed is top notch! Greg and team are very professional, extremely polite and accommodating. On-site inspection, solution design, competitive pricing/quoting with no surprises. Highly recommend!
Grant B
Grant B
A great experience with Greg, very responsive and helpful with the installation of a Hypervolt 2.0 Home EV Charger.
David O
David O
I used EGen Electrical back in January to have a Hypervolt EV Charger installed. Absolute professionals and would recommend them to anyone looking to have a EV Charger professionally installed. Also Hypervolt Support is A1. Was having trouble with the app initially and was all sorted in a few hours. Glad I chose EGen and Hypervolt.
Roy Heys
Roy Heys
Greg is the consummate professional. From the rapid response, turning up when he said for the quote. Then on day of install top quality workmanship. No hidden extras on the quote Why go anywhere else?
Danis Georgopoulos
Danis Georgopoulos
I have used Greg's services twice over the last 12 months. Excellent service both times. He turns up when he says he will, and always leaves the work area spotless when he is finished. Gave me some great advice and suggestions as well which was appreciated.
Greg You are legend! Thank you for instant fix
Audrey Sutcliffe
Audrey Sutcliffe
The electrician Greg went out of his way to find a more suitable item for us so we had no alterations to make thankfully, prompt,friendly very efficient and no mess to clear up, he left our place clean and tidy!! I would recommend this business to anyone looking for an experienced electrician!
Belinda B
Belinda B
Couldn't be happier. Greg from Egen Electrical has carried out a fantastic job on our kitchen reno. Really happy with our new lights and slim power points. Highly recommended for price and quality.
Rob Barling
Rob Barling
Greg has done body corporate work on few places we have units in. He is punctual, respectful to the occupants and and professional in his dealings.

Fleet Charging


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EV Charging Solutions for Councils, Government, Community Services & Private Corporations

Cars | Trucks | Buses

Our fleet charging installations are individually tailored to suit your business needs, whether you have a fleet of 3 or 100 vehicles, EGen Electrical has your EV charging solution.

We provide businesses with EV charging solutions for reliable, future proof fleet charging with asset management software.

Our advanced load management software monitors and controls multiple chargers autonomously, charging your fleet of electric vehicles without needing an expensive upgrade of the electrical service mains.
Our team will consult with you to learn about your requirements and guide you in choosing the best EV charger system for your budget and growth plans. From initial planning to design and installation, we treat every customer as a partner and are with you as your EV fleet expands.

Asset Management Portal

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Perfect Fleet EV Charger Systems for Your Business

EGen Electrical provides comprehensive fleet EV charger systems for small and large businesses across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our expert team can help with everything from design, software, hardware, installation and support.

Fleet EV charging is future proof and scalable to grow with your business when the time is right. We help you get the most from your fleet, including vehicle utilisation and energy cost efficiency, so you can drive more and spend less.

Branded EV Charger Network

Your fleet EV charging network can be branded as your own with a user portal, mobile apps, RFID cards and the charger’s colour display or facia.

CaaS – Charging as a Service

To help your business manage operational costs, we offer a full turnkey EV charging solution with backend management and scheduled servicing of the chargers and supporting infrastructure.

(excluding building upgrades)

Home Charging for Employees

As some employees may require home charging options, we offer a home charging solution for fleet managers. This can be included in the CaaS option or as a separate service.

Complete Installation & Management Package

What We Deliver

Process steps to start charging


Contact us to schedule a site visit to assess your requirements, electrical supply, and car park layout.


We assess your available electricity supply by conducting a load study if required.


Upon completing our assessment, we will get back to you with a quote and the best way to achieve EV charging.


Installation of the EV charging infrastructure and chargers


Schedule a site visit now for us to assess your apartment building

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With our range of quality electric vehicle chargers, we can supply and install the right charger for your needs. AC supply chargers can deliver you a single phase or 3 phase charging capabilities with adjustable current rating ensuring the charging network does not overload your electrical supply and charge more vehicles at once.

DC Charging will bypass the vehicle’s onboard charger and charge your vehicle significantly faster. This is most suited for heavy vehicles or vehicles in high demand.

Fleet EV Charging Assessment and Planning

Before installing EV chargers for your fleet, we conduct a detailed site review to determine what type of vehicles you operate, what the vehicles are used for, where the vehicles are parked, how long they’ll be parked for at a time and what your future needs for EV charging look like. We also look at any site restraints, such as space for chargers, current site electrical capacity and what it can handle.

This allows us to get an idea of what’s possible, which solutions are best for your vehicles and how you can get the most benefit from on-site vehicle charging. We are the actual technicians who install fleet EV chargers, so we know how to tailor a charging plan to clients’ needs and budgets. Contact us today for fleet EV charging assessment and planning.

Benefits of Using Electric Vehicles for Your Fleet

Fleet EV charger systems and vehicles offer a myriad of benefits for your business and the environment. These include:

Low maintenance costs

As EVs have fewer moving components than petrol or diesel vehicles, fewer parts require servicing or replacement.

More time in service due to fewer servicing requirements

EVs require less servicing and have greater time periods between service intervals.

Reduction in fuel costs

Electric vehicle's power efficacy is about 77% of grid electricity to the movement of the vehicle, whereas petrol vehicles are between 12-30%. The cost of electricity you use to charge your fleet is more stable than fuel suppliers, which fluctuates due to world demand and conflicts.

Reduced vehicle ownership cost over time

You can increase your profit margins by increasing the time your fleet vehicles are in service, reducing the running expenditure on fuel and maintenance. Have you calculated the total downtime your operators take stopping for refuelling throughout a vehicle's lifespan or a year?

On-site charging is convenient

Having EV chargers at overnight parking or loading docks is convenient and cost saving as there is no waiting time for fleet charging.

Positive marketing as an eco-friendly fleet

With an emphasis on business being eco-friendly and sustainable, transitioning your fleet to electric can be a great marketing tool to promote your reputation. Combining your fleet EV charging with solar and battery storage can help with operational costs and sustainability.

Improved workplace and driving experience

The business may choose to allow staff to use the fleet chargers in low demand periods to charge their personal vehicles or install additional chargers for staff use. This can be used for revenue or to increase staff retention and workplace satisfaction.

Electrical Load Study

EGen Electrical offers an energy logging service focused on providing critical data and feedback on your building’s existing electrical installation and if it is capable of supporting electric vehicle charging. With every EV charger installed that is not on load management or the building’s electrical capacity is unknown, your building’s main switches are closer to hitting capacity and tripping, thus losing power to part or the entire building.

Load Management

EV charger load management is the solution to being able to charge multiple fleet EVs with a limited electrical supply. This innovative concept revolves around the intelligent control and distribution of electrical power to multiple EV chargers within a network. By optimising the allocation of available power resources, load management ensures that charging stations can operate seamlessly, avoiding overloads and grid strain.

Case Study: Property Management Company

Location: Newstead Brisbane, Queensland

Full EV charger infrastructure installation with backend a Management solution

and usage reporting of the electricity used by each charger. The infrastructure

provided a future proof solution to install future EV chargers as the client’s EV fleet

expands without the need for any further upgrades.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Switching to an EV fleet can help your business reduce fuel and maintenance costs, lower carbon emissions and enhance your brand image and reputation. 

The right EV charger for your fleet depends on several factors, such as the size and type of your vehicles, the available power supply at your site, the charging speed and frequency required, and the budget and scalability of your project. EV chargers come in different levels of power output and connectivity, ranging from Level 1 through to Level 3. We can evaluate your needs and advise accordingly, just get in touch with us today.

Our asset management software is a cloud-based platform that allows the monitoring and control of your EV chargers remotely. You can access data on your charger status, energy consumption, billing and environmental impact. You can also set custom charging policies, schedules and rates as well as manage user access and authentication. 

We handle the installation and maintenance of the EV chargers with our team of licensed and experienced electricians. We conduct thorough site assessments, switchboard modifications, and testing before and after the installation. We also provide support and maintenance services, including a workmanship guarantee and a manufacturer’s warranty. You can schedule a site visit for us to assess your EV fleet charging requirements here.

There is no fixed answer to this question, as the cost depends on several factors, such as the charger model and the installation site. To give you a more precise estimate, we need to understand your fleet size, vehicle type and charging needs so please contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.

We can also help you find financing for your EV charger purchase, thanks to our partnership with Maclean Financial. You can choose to pay in monthly instalments over 3, 4 or 5 years, making it easier for your business to switch to EV charging. For more information click here.

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