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Paul Fallon
Paul Fallon
Friendly, professional, knowledgeable. I arranged for an EV Evnex charger to be fitted at home. They were on time. Fast and clean installation. Great product too. Can’t fault them
Gunnar Ruhs
Gunnar Ruhs
Most excellent service! EGen Electrical have just completed the install of two EV chargers in Brisbane for us. The service and workmanship was outstanding, the quality of the equipment installed is top notch! Greg and team are very professional, extremely polite and accommodating. On-site inspection, solution design, competitive pricing/quoting with no surprises. Highly recommend!
Grant B
Grant B
A great experience with Greg, very responsive and helpful with the installation of a Hypervolt 2.0 Home EV Charger.
David O
David O
I used EGen Electrical back in January to have a Hypervolt EV Charger installed. Absolute professionals and would recommend them to anyone looking to have a EV Charger professionally installed. Also Hypervolt Support is A1. Was having trouble with the app initially and was all sorted in a few hours. Glad I chose EGen and Hypervolt.
Roy Heys
Roy Heys
Greg is the consummate professional. From the rapid response, turning up when he said for the quote. Then on day of install top quality workmanship. No hidden extras on the quote Why go anywhere else?
Danis Georgopoulos
Danis Georgopoulos
I have used Greg's services twice over the last 12 months. Excellent service both times. He turns up when he says he will, and always leaves the work area spotless when he is finished. Gave me some great advice and suggestions as well which was appreciated.
Greg You are legend! Thank you for instant fix
Audrey Sutcliffe
Audrey Sutcliffe
The electrician Greg went out of his way to find a more suitable item for us so we had no alterations to make thankfully, prompt,friendly very efficient and no mess to clear up, he left our place clean and tidy!! I would recommend this business to anyone looking for an experienced electrician!
Belinda B
Belinda B
Couldn't be happier. Greg from Egen Electrical has carried out a fantastic job on our kitchen reno. Really happy with our new lights and slim power points. Highly recommended for price and quality.
Rob Barling
Rob Barling
Greg has done body corporate work on few places we have units in. He is punctual, respectful to the occupants and and professional in his dealings.


Hotel EV Charging Systems & Solutions

Exterior Hotel Resort

Hotel EV Charging

Australian electric car sales now account for 7.4 per cent of the market. A few years ago, they were less than 0.1 per cent. So far in 2023, sales of Electric Vehicles have increased by 345 per cent. There are 30 EVs available in Australia, with 70-plus new EVs confirmed for Australia, which is on track to be here in the next 18 months. This figure is only going to keep rising. Electric Vehicles are fast becoming more mainstream due to their affordability and sustainability.

Hotel EV Charging! Our full turnkey solution includes site visits, cost-effective EV charging, and user payment platforms for guests & residents. Enjoy hassle-free management of your EV chargers with scheduled maintenance, usage reports and collected usage payments being paid monthly into your nominated account. We provide EV charging solutions for your current requirements and offer expandable installations to futureproof your investment. By installing an EV charger you can prevent free usage of common property electrical outlets, offer an essential service to guests and residents and further attract guests to your hotel.

Embrace sustainability and future-proof your hotel now!

Electric Car Charging Station For Charge Ev Battery. Plug For Ve

Complete Installation & Management Package

No Ongoing Fees or Subscriptions to the Building Management or Body Corporate

What We Deliver

Process steps to start charging


Schedule a site visit by contacting us


We assess your available electricity supply


We provide a quote for a turnkey solution


Installation of the EV charging infrastructure

With our range of quality electric vehicle chargers we can supply and install the right charger for your needs. Our AC supply chargers can deliver you single phase or 3 phase charging capabilities with adjustable current (amps) rating ensuring not to overload your electrical power supply.

Energy Monitoring

EGen Electrical offers an energy logging service focused on providing critical data and feedback on your building’s existing electrical installation and whether it can support electric vehicle charging. With every EV charger installed that is not on load management or the building’s electrical capacity is unknown, your building’s main switches are closer to hitting capacity and tripping, thus losing power to part or the entire building.

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Selecting the right EV charging solution for your hotel involves assessing factors such as location, whether you offer it as a complimentary or paid amenity, and the durability of the chosen infrastructure. EGen Electrical provides a range of durable chargers ideal for commercial applications like hotels.

Offering EV charging at your hotel can help you attract premium guests who own luxury electric vehicles and are willing to pay for this service and other hotel amenities. It can also enhance your hotel’s amenity by providing a convenient and reliable service that many guests now expect from hotels. Moreover, it can showcase your sustainability leadership by associating your hotel with eco-friendliness and attracting environmentally conscious guests.

Adaptive load management is a smart technology that optimises your hotel’s power supply by balancing the demand and supply of electricity. It prevents overloads and power outages while ensuring consistent power to each EV charger. This efficiency is vital for providing uninterrupted service to your guests and avoiding costly damages to your electrical infrastructure. You can read more about it here.

We offer a range of electric vehicle chargers from leading manufacturers, such as Level 2 chargers that are suitable for overnight charging and have adjustable current ratings to match your hotel’s electrical power supply, and rapid chargers that are ideal for public use and can charge an electric vehicle in minutes rather than hours. We will help you choose the best type of charger for your hotel based on your needs and preferences.

The cost of installation and EV charge points varies depending on the specific EV system suitable for your hotel. This depends on factors such as the type of charger you choose and the complexity of the installation process and the need for any switchboard modifications. You can view our range of EV chargers here and we will provide a personalised quote to meet your exact needs and budget.

The best EV charger for your hotel and for public charging depends on your needs and expectations. These include how fast do you want to charge an electric vehicle, how many electric vehicles do you expect to serve at a time, how much space do you have for installing the chargers etc.

Generally, we recommend a rapid charger for public use and to future-proof your business. A rapid charger can charge an electric vehicle in minutes rather than hours, which is convenient for guests who are in a hurry or want to top up their battery. They can also serve more electric vehicles in a day, increasing your revenue potential and customer satisfaction. We will help you choose the best EV charger for your hotel and for public charging based on your needs and requirements.

The number of EV charge points you can get installed at your hotel depends on factors like the electrical grid supply in your area and the power output of the chosen EV chargers, the space available for installing the chargers and the layout of your parking area. The demand for EV charging from your guests and staff and the expected occupancy rate of your hotel will also dictate what you may need to install.

Yes, we provide a free site survey to ensure that new EV charging points are suitable for your business and offer the maximum value. We’ll also review your current system and provide options for expansion. Contact us today to discuss.

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