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With more and more people choosing to live in apartments across Australia, it has introduced hurdles to have EV charges passed by body corporates. We can help get over these hurdles by liaising with your body corporate and/or building management with positive outcomes. We are the only company in Queensland to offer you a complete in house EV charging solution for your apartment building whether it be an existing building or a new development.  


If multiple electric vehicles require chargers we are able to design and engineer the installation with future proofing taken into consideration in the design. We can install chargers in visitor parking spots for buildings that are not ready for the complete EV charging solution just yet but want to accommodate their tenants.


With load management and billing software, multiple chargers can be monitored and controlled autonomously to charge electric vehicles without the need of an expensive upgrade of the electrical installation or of service mains upgrades.

What we Achieve & Deliver
  • Individual monitoring & billing of each EV charger with no contracts or subscriptions.

  • Ability to set your own kWh rate of electricity. 

  • Dynamic load management to utilise your buildings available power supply to its fullest potential while maintaining consistent power supply to each apartment.

  • Inspection of your building and designing the EV charging infrastructure to suit your requirements.

  • Switchboard modifications to accommodate EV charging and load management.

  • Future proof the installation for expansion as demand for EV charging increases.

  • After sales support & maintenance you can rely on. 

  • Options of how you want to manage your EV chargers:

  • De-rating chargers as more electric vehicles start charging ensuring more vehicle can charge at once.

  • Queuing vehicles in wait for charging if load max is reached.

  • VIP charging - no waiting or de-rating of chargers for allocated chargers or users that have VIP allocation.

  • Remotely lockout chargers or users if invoices are unpaid.

  • Prioritise electric vehicles with the least charge above others.

Process steps to start charging
  1. Contact us and we will ask you a few questions and arrange a site visit.

  2. We conduct a site visit and assess your existing electrical supply infrastructure and your car park layout.

  3. On completion of our assessment we will arrive back to you with a quote and the best way to achieve EV charging and billing in your building. 

We only supply chargers from World Leading Brands you can rely on.

With our range of quality electric vehicle chargers we can supply and install the right charger for your  needs. Our AC supply chargers can deliver you single phase or 3 phase charging capabilities with adjustable current (amps) rating ensuring not to overload your electrical power supply.

Apartment & Hotel EV Chargers

EV Chargers suited for Apartment or Hotels

Schneider Wallbox

Probably the most stylish looking EV charger on the market with the charging capabilities to match. This charger is a must have for High end luxury homes and commercial buildings alike.

  • AC 230 - 400V, Single & 3 Phase 32A max

  • 3.7kW - 22kW Charger Options

  • In Built RCD Protection

  • Type 1 or 2 Tethered Cable or Socket Outlet Options

  • RFID & Key authorisation Available

  • Wifi & Ethernet or 3G available for smart Applications

  • Pedestal for charger available

  • Programmable delay start time  

Delta EV Charger

ABB Terra AC

ABB's Terra is of high quality at a cost effective price point. The Terra is best suited for Residential and commercial applications where vehicles are parked for a period of time.

  • AC 230 - 400V, Single & 3 Phase 32A max

  • 4.6kW - 22kW Charger Options

  • In Built RCD Protection

  • Type 1 or 2 Tethered Cable or Socket Outlet Options

  • RFID authorisation Available

  • Ethernet & 4G Communication Interface for smart Applications

  • Pedestal for 1 or 2 chargers available. 

Delta AC Mini

The AC Mini comes standard with RFID authorisation and a key lock for restricted access when located in semi private or public areas. Very capable EV charger at a competitive price point.

  • AC 230V, Single Phase, 32A max

  • Maximum Output of 7.36kW 

  • In Built RCD Protection

  • Type 1 or 2 Tethered Cable or Socket Outlet

  • Wifi & Ethernet or 3G available

  • Optional Cable Bracket 

Delta DC Wallbox

Delta's 25kW DC Fast Charger Wallbox has a vandal proof case and is best suited for commercial applications where ev drivers can recharge a reasonable amount in a short period of time. 

  • AC 415V, 3 Phase, 40A max

  • Maximum Output of 25kW 

  • Output 60A, 50 - 500Vdc

  • RFID Authorisation

  • 2.7" OLED Screen

  • CCS2 and ChADeMO

  • Ethernet Standard, 3G and Wifi available

  • Optional Free Standing Post 

ABB DC Wallbox

ABB's 24kW DC Fast Charger Wallbox that's compact size but full of features will have it being installed in hotels, shopping areas, dealerships and parking stations. 

  • AC 400V, 3 Phase, 40A max

  • Maximum Output of 24kW DC

  • Output 60A, 150 - 920Vdc

  • RFID & NFC Authorisation

  • 7" Full Colour Touchscreen

  • CCS2 and ChADeMO 

  • Network Connectivity 

Schneider Parking

These 2 AC charger are Schneider's commercial parking range with the option of wall or floor mounted units. They are most suited for long parking stays such as  Hotels, Shopping centres, Hospitals,  Universities and workplaces. 

  • AC 230 - 400V, Single & 3 Phase 32A max

  • 7.4kW - 22kW Charger Options

  • Type 2 Socket Outlets 

  • RFID Authorisation Available

  • Wifi & Ethernet or 3G available for smart Application 


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