Benefits of Convenient Car Charging in Australia.

When you first read about electric cars, your mind likely ran to all the money that you would save on petrol. While it is true that electric vehicles are an incredible way to save money on fuel, while simultaneously helping the environment, you still need to have a convenient car charging station to turn to. Here in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, there are plenty of local car charging stations to use. You can also consider having your own charging station installed at home.

The primary benefits of a convenient car charging stations are fairly obvious. Being able to plug your car in from home will allow you to go on with your day while your vehicle charges. Remember, you gain kilometers by the hours that your car is left charging. When you have absolute control over your EV charging station, you are able to use it whenever you need. No lines, no waiting, no extra fees!

Electric Car Charging 101: Key Information.

Here at EGen Electrical, we understand that the world of electric vehicle ownership is still confusing. As a burgeoning industry, it is up to us to help newcomers learn the ins and outs of their new vehicle. One of the most important aspects of owning an electric vehicle is understanding how your electric car charging system works. Let’s talk about this system for a little bit. First, you’ll be interfacing directly with your EVSE. Your EVSE is your Electric Vehicle Service Equipment device. This special adapter connects to your wall. From your car, you will run a special cable out to your charging station. You might have a Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 charging cable based on the type of car and battery that you own. Remember, you need to leave your car plugged in for hours in order to refill your battery. Every car and battery will refill at different speeds.