3 Critical Things to Consider When Electrifying Your Fleet

Close Up Electric Car Charging

With fuel prices on the rise and fossil fuels being the dominant cause of global warming, there’s never been a better time to start thinking about electrifying your fleet depots. Plus, having your vehicles charged at the base, allows for greater efficiency and reduced overall maintenance costs.

However, when considering electrifying your fleet, where do you start? If you have thousands of vehicles, this may feel like a daunting task. But, don’t panic just yet – this guide is going to highlight the three main critical considerations, so you can get started on the right foot.

Vehicle Usage

The first point to consider is your vehicle requirements. Do your vehicles sit idle for extended periods or do they have a quick turnaround? Understanding the current needs of your operation will help you choose the right EV chargers.

For example, vehicles that have minimal idle time would suit a level 3 DC charger just fine. On the other hand, vehicles that sit idle for long periods, have more time to charge and would be fine with a level 2 AC charger.

Site Power Availability

Another thing that should be considered is the power capabilities in your fleet depot. New sites may have been built with EV charging in mind and therefore have the available power, but some older sites may struggle.

An electrical contractor will take care of EV load management which is the process of balancing the available electricity supply on a network. This ensures that all your vehicles are charged on time, with enough power for each trip, without compromising the power of your onsite facilities.

Future Fleet Plans

The final point to consider is the future plans you have for your fleet. Do you have huge expansion plans or plan to expand into different sites? To save headaches down the line, it’s a good idea to plan for future charging stations.

By thinking ahead, this will allow for cost effective and efficient scaling when the time is right. The good news is, there are fleet EV charging solutions that can be customized to your needs and will grow with your business, when the time is right.

Contact EGen Electrical to Discuss Your Fleet Charging Needs

EGen Electrical can supply and install the right EV charging solutions for your fleet depot. The process to electrify your fleet includes:

  • Contacting EGen to discuss your needs and arrange a site visit
  • An EGen expert will assess your existing electrical infrastructure and your carpark layout
  • A quote will be put together with details of the best EV charging solutions for your fleet and the asset management portal capabilities