Case Study: Property Management Company

Two Charging Electric Cars Charge Station City

A Property Management Company Expands its EV Charging Capabilities for Fleet Vehicles

A Property Management Company wanted a future-proof solution that allowed for expansion as additional fleet vehicles transitioned to electric. EGen Electrical provided the solution by supplying a suitable EV charger infrastructure.

As more of the world choose to drive electric, the demand for charging facilities is on the rise. By providing EV charger stations in office buildings, this satisfies the current tenants needs and helps to attract new tenants. Plus, the upgrade does a good job of improving the company’s green image, which helps with marketing and reputation management.

A Tailored, Future Proof Installation

This Property Management Company wanted to ensure that the EV charger infrastructure was easy to use and could be expanded as demand grew. Before installation went ahead, the EGen team conducted an in-person, site survey, to understand the current electrical capabilities. Once we had a clear picture, we could install a unique EV charging solution that would suit their current and future requirements.

We recommended a future-proofed installation that allowed for:

  • Load management
  • Additional chargers
  • Billing
  • Asset management and reporting
  • RFID authorisation of the chargers

The installation included:

  • 5x Alfen Proline 7kW EV chargers
  • Dedicated EV charger distribution switchboard
  • A 250-amp main switch in the main switchboard
  • Cable tray to support the Sub-mains and charger sub-circuits
  • CT metering for the new EV switchboard

We Overcame Multiple Site Challenge

After completing a technical onsite survey, a load study was performed on the main switchboard to assess the current electrical demand. This allows us to assess if any upgrades are necessary now or in the future.

We encountered several significant challenges during this project. First, we had to consider the potential traffic hazards to our workers, as the office building was fully tenanted and active. Additionally, there were height limitations and restrictions for installing the cable tray across trafficable areas, which presented another obstacle.

Another challenge we faced was having noise restrictions in place. This meant any drilling was restricted to outside of business hours. We carried out the electrical work on the main switchboard during the building’s annual shutdown and testing at 4am on a Saturday morning. This ensured we caused as little disruption to normal processes as possible.

RFID System Integration

The EV charging system we set up at the Property Management Company can be used via an RFID tag. This benefits the company, by allowing them to:

  • Main control over access and usage
  • Keep track of costs
  • Collect member data that can help assess the need for future expansion

A Successful Outcome for the Property Management Company

An EV charger infrastructure was successfully installed according to the space and current usage needs of the Property Management Company. And, as their tenant transitions their fleet vehicles to electric, there is room to expand the EV charging infrastructure to suit. This allows the Property Management Company to be safe in the knowledge they’re supporting the needs of their tenants, while having a forward thinking, green reputation in the local community.