The majority of electric car charging is expected to be carried out at home due to the convenience,

cheaper electricity rates and solar generation. All of our supplied chargers are capable of charging from your solar which makes the running costs of an            electric vehicle even cheaper for you. We carry out all the installations so you're not paying extra for sub contractors that other EV charger suppliers  charge a percentage on top of.

  • You wake up with a full battery charge every morning

  • The price per kWh of electricity is generally cheaper than public EV charge points 

  • You can utilise the free power generated from your own solar panels

  • No waiting around at public charging stations for your car to charge

  • AC EV charging prolongs the life of the cars battery over DC rapid charging

  • 100% charge capability over DC rapid chargers 80-90%

We offer our customers a free quotation based on an initial consult to ensure the correct installation for your immediate and future needs. As electric vehicle technology is a developing industry, what your car requires now may not be what future electric cars require, so we always aim at future proofing our installations for you.

Benifits of charging at home

Charging Times

Charge times are estimates only.
We only supply chargers from World Leading Brands you can rely on.

With our range of quality electric vehicle chargers we can supply and install the right charger for your  needs. Our AC supply chargers can deliver you single phase or 3 phase charging capabilities with adjustable current (amps) rating ensuring not to overload your electrical power supply.



From $750.00 
Installation only including GST


  • Work within the hours of 7am and 5pm Monday - Friday

  • 15m of 6mm² single phase electrical cable installed in ceiling space or surface mounted conduit

  • 40amp RCBO (Type A RCD) installed into your switchboard

  • EV charger installed at customers preferred location

  • Site inspection conducted by tradesperson if required  

  • Operation of charger and features explained to customer

  • Certificate of electrical safety, testing and compliance

  • Workmanship warranty

  • Above standard workmanship and professionalism by licenced tradespeople 


Any work required outside of the above installation inclusions will be quoted separately for approval before work begins.

  • Switchboard and electrical mains upgrade

  • Installation of underground electrical circuits


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