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In the coming years lowering prices and a variety of electric vehicles will attract more people to purchase electric vehicles as a new car and will require public EV charging stations.


Not all car owners will have a garage to park and charge and will require them to seek out public charging locations. There will also be hire vehicles that will need to source public fast-charging stations at tourist destinations though out  South East Queensland. 

Charging electric vehicles takes time and installing a public fast-charging station at your business premises will help attract customers to you for longer periods. With a unique service, you provide customers with their needs while they are instore spending money with you.  

Contact us if you are thinking of installing a public fast-charging station and we will conduct a site inspection and give you advice and a quote on what would best suits your needs.  

50 kW EV Charger Calamvale Central. EGen Electrical
EV Charger Calamvale Central. EGen Electrical
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What we Achieve & Deliver

  • Individual monitoring & billing of each EV charger.

  • Ability to set your own kWh rate of electricity. 

  • Dynamic load management to utilise your buildings available power supply to its fullest potential while maintaining a stable and consistent power supply to your building.

  • Inspection of your location and designing the EV charging infrastructure to suit your requirements.

  • Switchboard modifications to accommodate EV charging and load management.

  • Future proof the installation for expansion as demand for EV charging increases.

  • Aftersales support & maintenance you can rely on. 

  • Options of how you want to manage your EV chargers.

Process steps to start charging

  1. Contact us and we will ask you a few questions and arrange a site visit.

  2. We conduct a site visit and assess your existing electrical supply infrastructure and your car park layout.

  3. On completion of our assessment, we will arrive back to you with an offer and the best way to achieve EV charging and billing. 

We only supply chargers from World Leading Brands you can rely on.


Public EV Chargers for Service Stations, Sports Clubs & Shopping Centres in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Surrounding Areas

EGen Electrical are leading specialists in public EV charging solutions in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the surrounding areas. We provide quality EV chargers and individual billing options to suit businesses and public places large and small.

We supply, design, install and maintain public EV chargers and charging stations. Electric vehicles are continuing to increase in popularity, meaning reliable public EV charging stations are in demand.

Public EV stations not only give customers what they need, it keeps them using your facilities for prolonged periods of time. Public spaces that benefit from fast EV charging stations include:

  • Shopping Centres. Are you looking for shopping center EV charger solutions in Brisbane? EGen has got you covered with a free site inspection, advice, and a quote on what would best suit your needs.

  • Sports Clubs. Now clients can play their favourite sports and have their vehicle charged and ready to go, without wasting a second.

  • Tourist Attractions. A day out with the kids or having a stroll with a loved one around local tourist attractions? Either way, a public EV charger gets the vehicle ready for the next destination.

  • Service Stations. Stop off for a snack and charge up the electric vehicle. Service stations are one of the best places for public EV chargers.

  • Council Buildings. Government staff and visitors will benefit from a public EV charging station right on-site.


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