In the coming years the price and variety of electric vehicles will attract more people to purchasing electric vehicles as a new car and will need places to charge.


Not all car owners will have a garage to park and charge and will require them to seek out public charging locations. There will also be hire vehicles that will need to source charging points. 

Charging electric vehicles takes time and installing a public charge point on your work premises will help attract new business. It's a unique service you can provide customers while they are in store spending money with you.  

Contact us if you are thinking of installing a public charging station and we will conduct a site inspection and give you advice on what would suit your needs.  

Public EV Chargers

The DC rapid charges that we offer, have the same capabilities of both the domestic and the commercial chargers with the benefit of charging an electric vehicle to 80% in little as 20 minutes and ABB's Terra HP capable of charging a electric vehicle with a 200km range in 8 minutes. The DC  charger can achieve this by means of bypassing the vehicles onboard charger and connects directly to the vehicles batteries.  

ABB DC Wallbox

Delta DC Wallbox

Delta 50kW DC Fast Charger

ABB's 24kW DC Fast Charger Wallbox that's compact size but full of features will have it being installed in hotels, shopping areas, dealerships and parking stations. 

  • AC 400V, 3 Phase, 40A max

  • Maximum Output of 24kW DC

  • Output 60A, 150 - 920Vdc

  • RFID & NFC Authorisation

  • 7" Full Colour Touchscreen

  • CCS2 and ChADeMO 

  • Network Connectivity 

ABB 50kW DC Fast Charger

Delta's 25kW DC Fast Charger Wallbox has a vandal proof case and is best suited for commercial applications where ev drivers can recharge a reasonable amount in a short period of time. 


  • AC 480V, 3 Phase, 40A max

  • Maximum Output of 25kW 

  • Output 60A, 50 - 500Vdc

  • RFID Authorisation

  • 2.7" OLED Screen

  • CCS2 and ChADeMO

  • Ethernet Standard, 3G and Wifi available

  • Optional Free Standing Post 

Delta's 50kW DC fast charger delivers reliability, efficiency with also being user friendly. It has a impact resistance rating of IK10and the  outer casing is vandal-proof. Most suited applications fleet, highway service areas and service stations. 

  • AC 400V, 3 Phase, 95A max

  • Maximum Output of 50kW DC

  • Output 125A, 50 - 500Vdc

  • RFID Authorisation

  • 12" Full Colour Touchscreen

  • CCS2 and ChADeMO 

  • Network Connectivity 

  • 645kg



ABB Terra HP 175kW

ABB's 50kW DC Fast Charger is capable of charging vehicles in 30 minutes making it suitable for quick turn around times for fleet vehicle in constant demand and road side service areas for public use. 

  • AC 400V, 3 Phase, 80 - 143 A 

  • Maximum Output of 50kW DC

  • Output 125A, 200 - 500Vdc

  • RFID, NFC and credit card Authorisation

  • Daylight readable Touchscreen

  • CCS2 and ChADeMO 

  • Optional AC charging

  • Robust all weather stainless steel enclosure

  • Network Connectivity 

  • 350kg

ABB's new 175kW DC high power charger is currently the worlds most powerful ev charger. The modular system allows for  expansion  as demand increases and future proofed with a voltage range of 150 - 920Vdc. With the 200km range in 8 minutes of charging the Terra HP is ideally suited for fuel stations and highway rest areas for minimise charge times.

  • AC 400V, 3 Phase, 308 A max per power cabinet  

  • Maximum Output of 175kW DC

  • Output 160 kW continuous (375 A) 150 - 920Vdc

  • RFID, Multiple payment options

  • High brightness, intuitive daylight readable Touchscreen

  • CCS and ChADeMO cables

  • Liquid cooled CCS cable 

  • 1340kg


  • 15” high brightness touch screen

  • Site power management

  • Integrated payment terminal

  • Customizable user interface

Tritium Veefil-RT 50kw DC

50kW DC Fast Charger from Tritium is Australian made in Brisbane Queensland. With being liquid cooled it has the smallest footprint and the lightest of all DC chargers in the range. You can choose to customise the graphics on the charger to promote your corporate image. 

  • AC 380 - 480 V, 3 Phase

  • Maximum Output of 50kW DC

  • 3G and Ethernet

  • 165kg

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