Facts You Need to Know about the Tesla Charging Station.

Whether you just purchased a Tesla or you are looking to retrofit a new home for an old Tesla, you’ll need to hire EGen Electrical to help you out. Upon purchasing a Tesla, you’ll have to look into installing a Tesla charging station into your own home. A Tesla charging station is a specialized setup that allows you to keep your car’s battery full when you need it.

Tesla charging stations can typically recharge your Tesla’s entire battery in anywhere from one to twelve hours. The length of your charging time will be based on the type of installation that you have. For example, higher-speed 400V charging stations are going to be better than 230V charging stations.

Consulting with a contracting professional is a great way to decide which type of station you need to install in your home. Your price will vary based on which system you decide to employ, so make sure to ask plenty of questions during your consultation.

A Tesla Home Charger is Required for Tesla Owners.

A Tesla home charger station is a required purchase when making the transition to an electric vehicle. Having your own home charging station will fundamentally change the way that you look at recharging your vehicle forever. Tesla is one of the foremost innovators in the EV world, so it makes sense that we would get many Tesla owners visiting our shop. Here at EGen Electrical, we are proud to offer Tesla home charger installation services.

We are electrical contractors that provides electric vehicle support to customers in Gold Coast and the surrounding region. With an electrical contractors license, we are able to supply fully-functioning car charging points to apartments, hotels, public spaces, and residential properties. If you are in need of a new Tesla home charger, you’ve come to the right place. In order to get started on the process, call into our business at any time between 7 am – 5 PM, Monday through Friday.