Case Study: Property Management Company

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A Property Management Company Expands its EV Charging Capabilities for Fleet Vehicles A Property Management Company wanted a future-proof solution that allowed for expansion as additional fleet vehicles transitioned to electric. EGen Electrical provided the solution by supplying a suitable EV charger infrastructure. As more of the world choose to drive electric, the demand for […]

Case Study: Quay West Apartments EV Charging Installation Project

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The EGen Electrical team were approached by Quay West apartments, Brisbane, Queensland, to supply and install a full turnkey EV charging infrastructure that allows every apartment owner to have an EV charger in their designated parking space, with individual billing capabilities. Quay West Apartments contains 135 apartments and 149 car parking spaces over 6 levels. […]

What to look for in a Good EV Charger Installation Company?

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Have you already invested in an electric vehicle (EV)? Or, are you thinking of making the switch pretty soon? Either way, one of the most important decisions you have to make is where and how you’ll charge it. If you plan to have an EV charger at home or on your business premises, you first […]

3 Critical Things to Consider When Electrifying Your Fleet

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With fuel prices on the rise and fossil fuels being the dominant cause of global warming, there’s never been a better time to start thinking about electrifying your fleet depots. Plus, having your vehicles charged at the base, allows for greater efficiency and reduced overall maintenance costs. However, when considering electrifying your fleet, where do […]

Why Apartments Need to Become EV Ready as Soon as Possible

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With 70% – 80% of EV (electrical vehicle) charging happening at work or at home, there’s never been a better time to get your apartment block EV ready. To ensure your current tenants are happy and new tenants are attracted, finding and installing EV chargers is worth the investment. EGen Electrical offers leading EV charger […]

How to Choose the Right Workplace EV Chargers?

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EV charging solutions are increasing in popularity for businesses and households across Australia. EV incentives are being offered in 2022/23, and charging infrastructures are being planned and built. Fleet owners are looking to save money and improve efficiency by moving to electric vehicles. And workers are upgrading to EVs and looking to their workplace to […]

EV Convenience – Chargers When You Need Them

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More people are choosing to get around in electric vehicles. These have lower operating costs, and they allow drivers to leave a smaller carbon footprint since they do not use fossil fuels. Like any electric appliance, these vehicles must be charged to operate, so electric vehicle charging stations and EV chargers are needed. Some electric […]

EV Charging Solutions Make Life Easier and Clients Happier

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Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and this has made the demand for car charging stations to grow. While the demand is growing, finding these stations is not as easy as one might think. Fortunately, EV Charging Solutions is working to change that. As a company that installs, repairs and maintains these charging stations, they […]